Podcast on Ferment Radio

An episode on the bubbly ferment radio by Aga Pokrywka was dedicated to: “Healing the inanimate with bacteria”. The talk took us from Finland to Japan and from fermentation workshops to the microbiology lab. Thank you Agnieszka for inviting me to this beautiful conversation! Please find the talk from end of July 2020 here. Continue reading Podcast on Ferment Radio

Vitrine Screening

dinA vitrine invites Christina Stadlbauer: a video screening behind the window. Can be viewed from the sidewalk @ nadine – Brussels, Nieuwbrug 3 Pont Neuf, during times of lockdown. More information here. A series of reflections on the period of pandemic in four videos: ’S/Corona, Reflections in pandemic times’ (until 15 June 2020). Photos by An Goovaerts and Christina Stadlbauer Continue reading Vitrine Screening

Course on Beekeeping and Insect Ecology

Like every year, I will teach a course at ARBIS – the Swedish Speaking Adult Education Centre – on bees, bugs and other insects and their ecologies. It starts beginning of March 2020. Please find all the information for the course here https://ilmonet.fi/course/A200090.  We will dive together into the world of these alien, mysterious animals. The course introduces the theory of modern beekeeping and explores … Continue reading Course on Beekeeping and Insect Ecology


During my explorations in Japan in 2019, many Urushi related findings came my way. This material is harvested from the lacquer tree and refined into various Urushi lacquers that are used in different ways. The most classic, known technique are lacquered bowls and trays, where Urushi is applied to wooden surfaces in many layers, and polished to shiny, smooth surfaces. The finished product is durable … Continue reading Urushi

ARS Gallery hosts the Narratives of Imperfection

From Tuesday, 10th of December until the 22nd of December, the exhibition around Kin Tsugi, cracks fixed by bacteria and explorations in earthquake regions can be visited in Tokyo. The exhibition was first on in Helsinki, at SOLU exhibition space and then moved to Japan. The show in Tokyo is hosted by ARS gallery in Omotesando and supported by the Finnish Cultural Institute. The opening … Continue reading ARS Gallery hosts the Narratives of Imperfection

Durational Performance on a Crack

During the opening hours of the exhibition “Narratives of Imperfection” in SOLU, we worked on the cracks in the concrete floor of the back room. Kin Tsugi was the method, however it was a bit adapted for architectural applications. In the course of the weeks, many came to help and the floor became gold dusted over time. The golden cracks will stay as a permanent … Continue reading Durational Performance on a Crack

Arctic Spirit – Ritlu project

The Arctic Spirit Conference organised in Rovaniemi in November 2011 focused on Youth and Climate Change. Manon de Courten and myself propose the project Ritlu and present it during the conference in a lecture performance. Ritlu is a social-artistic project engaging with the population of the areas of the most Northern coastal regions of the Earth, spanning the countries Russia, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Greenland, Canada … Continue reading Arctic Spirit – Ritlu project