Exercises in Becoming Water

An experiment on Imagining a two-day boat trip on the Dilje-Leuven Canal in Belgium. The trip with the boat Buratinas was scheduled for July 2019, but could unfortunately not go through. Instead, we proposed to have an instant conversation between Marialena Marouda :: Christina Stadlbauer :: Nicolas Geleazzi M.M.: A brief introduction into my practice: I see performance as a practice of inhabiting a specific … Continue reading Exercises in Becoming Water


Šilainių Bitės (Šilainiai Bees) is a participatory research project developed by Elizabeth Hudson around Bees and the Commons. The residency is at https://silainiaiproject.com Walks, Field Trips and conversations are planned.  On the 30th of July, 18:00 a Roundtable discussion with Melliferopolis is scheduled around the provocation: Rights to Bees? Rights for Bees?  The discussion will be streamed via facebook at https://www.facebook.com/silainiaiproject/ Continue reading Silainiai

Flocculent Yeasts

Since January 2019, I have been researcher at apass, and I am visiting Brussels regularly.  Tom Peeters, who came to Aalto Biofilia last year, offered me to work at the Open BioLab at Erasmus Hogeschool. Tom Peeters is an expert in yeasts and we have developed a set of experiments for the Kin Tsugi Scar Tissue strand of my work! More coming soon. Many thanks also to … Continue reading Flocculent Yeasts

Tarja Halosen Puisto – reloaded

The centre of Helsinki has been enhanced with apiaries and bee colonies from Melliferopolis for many years. One venue is Tarja Halonen park – a grassy patch just in front of the City Theatre in Linnunlaulu, named after the former president of Finland. The spot is very visible, and became even more popular with the installation that has been set up there since 2016. The … Continue reading Tarja Halosen Puisto – reloaded

Letter to a Wheat Grain

In 2019, I was invited to participate in the Migrant Ecologies Project & Svalbard Global Seed Vault with a letter to a grain of wheat. This grain had been found previously inside a stuffed salt water crocodile in the natural history museum in Singapore. The wheat grain had been then invited to become part of the Agri/Cultures.Seed-Links Exhibition Svalbard Norway in June 2019. The poem is … Continue reading Letter to a Wheat Grain

Screening @ Mar Menor

The video tutorial for Pinna Nobilis is being finalized. On the 9th of May 2019, a first screening of the video tutorial will be held in Murcia at Centro Puertas de Castillo as part of the Interdisciplinary Mar Menor Research project. More information on the Reset: Mar Menor project and the Pinna Nobilis video is elaborated on this website. Additionally, to the exhibition, there will … Continue reading Screening @ Mar Menor