Bioethics – Chance Encounters

In January 2023, the book Chance Encounters was launched. It is a philosophical treatise on bioethics and a daring attempt to extend the concept towards the ethics of life – inclusive to other than humans, ecosystems, and the wide notion of the living. Kristien invited me and Bartaku to be part of the book by proposing visual complements to the different chapters. The visuals give … Continue reading Bioethics – Chance Encounters

Fish Leather Workshop

March 7-9, 2023, in Helsinki During three days in March, we will experiment with tanning leather from fish skins. The workshop is held in Helsinki and is closely linked to the geography and history of the Helsinki bay. Together with Hanna Vainio, Eero Haapanen and Pekka Paer, we explore the Baltic Sea fish and ways to use the skins of local fish. The workshop is … Continue reading Fish Leather Workshop

Plant Measures – Exhibition

Plant Measures is an invitation to reconnect to the vegetal world that surrounds us everywhere, all the time. Dedicating this exhibition to plants is also a way to acknowledge and witness their often unnoticed presence. The works combine speculative, playful, pata-scientific and geometric elements into a celebration of plants’ versatility and excellence. Find an overview of the exhibition here. Welcome to Finlayson Art Area – … Continue reading Plant Measures – Exhibition

Fish Skins in Hyrynsalmi

In the spring, the light in Finland is spectacular. The sun is strong and reflected by snow and ice that only slowly starts to melt. In the pristine environment of the Eastern region of Kainuu, Hanna Kaisa and myself did our yearly practice of tanning, making leather with the skins of local fish. When working with fish, it is important to keep everything on the … Continue reading Fish Skins in Hyrynsalmi

Workings on Relocation

During the residency at WP Zimmer, we gave attention to a habitat that is very artificial as it is man made but at the same time, seriously threatened and might disappear. We concentrated on the biotope in and around the cooling towers of nuclear power plants. In particular, we researched the nuclear facilities Tihange, located in Huy, Belgium. This reactor belongs to a generation of … Continue reading Workings on Relocation

Diversifying and Locating Relocation

From February 14th to 27th, the Institute for Relocation of Biodiversity is furthering its artistic research. Together with Bartaku and Bach Nguyen we will sharpen concepts and open up new ideas related to widening the notion of biodiversity and involve new species and terms that represent diversity. During the residency we get inspired by selected texts, explore relevant locations in Belgium, engage in hands-on experiments … Continue reading Diversifying and Locating Relocation

Autumn in Mänttä

At the end of September the Flowerclock was in full bloom. The autumn in Finland has been mild with no frosts. For the ending of the season, a full day at the installation was reserved with some harvesting of seeds, flowers, roots – some colours, shapes and of course: greeting of the visitors from the insect world. The harvesting took place on September 30th 2021. … Continue reading Autumn in Mänttä

Flower Clock 2021

The installation “who will pollinate the flower clock” was commissioned by XXV Mänttä Contemporary Art Festival for the summer of 2021. It is a re-enactment of a concept that is attributed to Carl van Linné, an 18th century botanist who worked and lived in Uppsala, Sweden. In his botanic garden, he planted various flowers that would open and close their petals at certain moments of … Continue reading Flower Clock 2021

Vegetal Speed Dating, Event # 3

In front of the Museum Pekilo in Mänttä, the flower clock installation has been thriving in the Finnish summer, as part of the XXV Mänttä Contemporary Art Festival. On Friday 30th of July 2021, a performative event took place, right next to it, in collaboration with The Hot Box. It featured five flowering plants that were available for a romantic date – vegetal speed dating. … Continue reading Vegetal Speed Dating, Event # 3