Narratives of Imperfection

The exhibition of Kin Tsugi related explorations will open in Helsinki in November 2019. The exhibition features ongoing research with cracks, faults and imperfection released via narratives about rituals, healings and earthquakes. Welcome to the opening in Solu Gallery, Luotsikatu 13, Katajanokka, 7th of November 2019, 17:00 – 19:00.  There will be some performative moments throughout the month, when a crack in the floor will … Continue reading Narratives of Imperfection

Hack the Lab – Brussels

Hack the Lab on Friday 0ctober 4th in Open BioLAB. Please join for a seminar day at the lab – artists and hackers give insight on their ongoing experimentation with living cells! Kin Tsugi Transformations is part of the program! Laarbeeklaan 121, 1090 Jette (see link for a map (it is at the bottom of the webpage)). The talks will be in room 4010. The program … Continue reading Hack the Lab – Brussels

Cinema Realidad – Diario de la Manga

Celia Martínez Mora is a journalist in the Mar Menor region who joined for the Underwater Screening for Pinna Nobilis. She wrote an article about the event and the circumstances of the region that are continuing to be difficult for the ecosystem and its inhabitants. Thanks Celia! La Manga, where the screening took place, is an artificial holiday resort on the dune of a laguna – … Continue reading Cinema Realidad – Diario de la Manga

Exhibition Kin Tsugi Transformations

In November and December a first public showing of my research on repairing and mending is on show. In Helsinki, the SOLU gallery of the Bioart Society in Katajanokka, Helsinki, is hosting the works in a solo exhibition from November 7th until December 1st 2019. Immediately after, the exhibition is travelling to Tokyo and will be at the A-S-O gallery in Omotesando, from December 10th … Continue reading Exhibition Kin Tsugi Transformations

Underwater Screening for Pinna Nobilis

On Saturday, 7th of September, the finished video is presented in the Mar Menor for Pinna Nobilis, the large pen shell.   The video is a tutorial for the endangered mollusk endemic to the Mediterranean Sea – and will therefore be shown underwater. With the relocation training video, we communicate possible future, safer habitats to the mollusc and encourage the animal to relocate. More about the … Continue reading Underwater Screening for Pinna Nobilis

Exercises in Becoming Water

An experiment on Imagining a two-day boat trip on the Dilje-Leuven Canal in Belgium. The trip with the boat Buratinas was scheduled for July 2019, but could unfortunately not go through. Instead, we proposed to have an instant conversation between Marialena Marouda :: Christina Stadlbauer :: Nicolas Geleazzi M.M.: A brief introduction into my practice: I see performance as a practice of inhabiting a specific … Continue reading Exercises in Becoming Water