Ceramic Scar Tissue

Inspired by the technique of Kin Tsugi, the idea of amelioration of damage is taken to the living world by introducing the concept of healing and the growth of a scar. Instead of glueing ceramics with urushi polymer, the transformative repair is achieved by a “healing process”. The broken pieces are united by growth of living material, creating a “scar tissue of biomatter” joining the surfaces of the fragments. 


Janthino B. Lividum and unknown clay bacteria, photo C. Stadlbauer


First explorations started in the laboratory of Biofilia, at Aalto University at the beginning of 2018.  In October 2018, the project was invited to the BioClub Tokyo and I did a research residency of one month in Japan. An exhibition of my Kin Tsugi explorations is planned for the end of 2019 in Japan and Finland, on invitation of BioArt Society and Finnish Cultural Institute in Japan.

Ceramic Scar Tissue was inspired by the MERRY CRISPR workshop in Helsinki (December 2017, BioArt society with Marta de Menezes) and by observation of recovery processes in nature.

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The exhibition Narratives of Imperfection was shown in Helsinki and Tokyo at the end of 2019. Please finde more information on the Research Catalogue.

Exhibition information and portfolio – July 2019.